Parfum 002

Artikelnr: Cologne / 102415 / 22020
Green, Bonparfumeur, Cologne, 102415/22020
38,00 30,40
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Weekends in the sun.
Lemonade and gossip.
A unique moment.

Morning walks.
Feeling of freedom.
Crazy desire to live….or to each his own.

Eau de cologne. A contemporary fresh scent in a body of orange blossoms.

002 - created by the renowned Karine Dubreuil Sereni - sits alongside 001 at the heart of Bon Parfumeur's Cologne range. Sensual White Flowers are the central bouquet of this light and airy perfume, with orange blossom their queen. Fresh and gentle, this eau de parfum opens up with bergamot and melts together in a subtle cloud of musk and amber.

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38,00 30,40