Parfum 402

Artikelnr: Oriental / 102417 / 22020
Purple, Bonparfumeur, Oriental, 102417/22020
38,00 30,40
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A nap in a hammock on a fall day.
All you need is love.
On an island paradise.

A safari in Africa.
The taste of a romantic adventure.
Unpredictable beauty.

Eau de parfum. Sweet and powdered vanilla.

A perfume for the gourmet, with the vanilla pod its core. The 402 opens up onto soft, white flowers with almond notes before the heliotrope offers a decadant sugarcoated, creamy splash. With a lightly spicy bottom note, sandalwood and benzoin warm the scent and you're left with the feeling of mouth-watering dessert.

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38,00 30,40